Report of our online technical stakeholder survey

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The report of our online stakeholder survey is available here. Learn about benefits and barriers to QSARs use according to specialists, regulators and industry.

The results of this survey have been published in the open access literature as follow:

Mays C, Benfenati E and Pardoe S.
Use and perceived benefits and barriers of QSAR models for REACH: findings from a questionnaire to stakeholders
Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6:159 doi:10.1186/1752-153X-6-159


Summary Report and other outcomes from the ORCHESTRA workshop

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Summary Report and outcomes from the ORCHESTRA workshop: REACH and QSAR: What can we learn from case studies? - Mario Negri Institute – Milano (Italy) April 6th 2011

Summary Report by the Workshop: REACH and QSAR: What can we learn from case studies

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A summary report by the Workshop: REACH and QSAR: What can we learn from case studies? (Mario Negri Institute – Milano (Italy) April 6th 2011)


More information about the workshop and the outcomes here

Video Documentary: QSARs in REACH? - Uses, issues and priorities

The documentary 'QSARs in REACH?' is based on interviews with regulators, industry and QSAR developers, and addresses some of the key issues and priorities in the further use of QSARs within REACH. 

The documentary was first shown at the ORCHESTRA booth at the 2011 SETAC Europe conference in Milan.   Here it can be viewed online in 4 short separate sections.  The 20+ contributors are listed below and at the end of the final section, with our thanks to them.


QSAR presentations at SETAC Europe 2011 - full videos

The five ORCHESTRA platform presentations at the SETAC Europe 2011 conference in Milan can now be viewed in full below.  The presentations address key aspects of QSAR models and their regulatory use. 
Videos include:  PowerPoint slides + speaker + event images + Q&A session.

How to improve the safe use, explanation and acceptance of QSAR models for REACH?
Emilio Benfenati   (18 mins)

QSAR booth at SETAC Europe 2011 - a brief visual report

A brief video report of the ORCHESTRA booth and presentations at SETAC Europe 2011, and of what is now available online.


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Wed, 2011-04-06 00 - Thu, 2011-04-07 00

••• NEW: The workshop and course outcomes

Course on in-silico methods

Mario Negri Institute, Milan, Italy

7 April 2011

We have reached the limit of subscriptions to the course planned for April 5th. The course will be repeated on April 7th.

Policy issues around computer-based methods as alternatives to animal testing


Questionnaire imageThe short questionnaire is our invitation to policy makers, industry managers, educators, political leaders, NGOs, investors, citizens and all others who are not specialists in toxicology to comment on some of the issues that are raised and/or addressed by computer-based (in silico) methods.

We really hope you can take a few minutes to complete it.  Please also email the link to others who may be interested.



Report of the Delphi Experts Workshop

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Successful Communication of scientific Content on the Example of testing Chemical Substances - Summary of Results
December 2011
Stuttgart, Germany

(Available in English and German)

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